Cello Wolftone Eliminator Cello 8.4g by Lup.X

Cello Wolftone Eliminator Cello 8.4g by Lup.X

Lup.X 8.4g - Rid your cello of annoying wolf tones! Effective wolf-tone eliminator for cello. For C, G, D and A strings with diameter of 0.7 to 2.0.

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The lup.X clamps on the string on a highly defined contact point. This makes the lup.X uniquely precise and effective against
problem wolf-tones.
It also does not contain materials like rubber. There are therefore practically no dampening effects – the instrument will keep its rich sound across its whole range.
The lup.X is easy to mount and adjust.
Its smooth shape and gentle brass finish give
it a quiet elegance well suited to traditional bowed stringed instruments.


Mount the lup.X on the string which has the most bothersome wolf-tone. Start by “tuning“ the eliminator to the same note as the wolf. To tune it, play on the string with your bow below the bridge, between the bridge and the eliminator. Match the note to the wolf-tone by moving the lup.X slightly up or down. Very often when the notes are aligned the wolf eliminator works best.
You can also experiment with different positions nearer or further from the bridge.
Every instrument and wolf-tone is unique. If your instrument and wolf-tone change a lot under different climatic conditions, you may need to move the eliminator slightly to maintain effectiveness.


Wolf tones are affected by unwanted interferences of resonant frequencies within the complex system of string bowed instruments. Mounting a lup.X wolf eliminator on a string between the bridge and tailpiece adds a node point which eliminates, or at least shifts, those unpleasant interferences.